Evteks 2010 Trends

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A labyrinth has no beginning and no end. The way in is the way out.There are no blind alleys. The path leads us trough different stages of growth, symbolised by trees. Life’s important moments are now regarded as new reference points for our sense-seeking society.

For the season 2010 we have selected six trend themes within this concept. Each theme is visualised as a mood with fabric samples and colours.

The moods will be translated in the following trees of life;

EMOTION - Tree Of Innocence
TRADITION - Tree Of History
EVOLUTION - Tree Of Miracle
EROSION - Tree Of Wisdom
ABSTRACTION - Tree Of Dreams
REVOLUTION - Tree Of Victory

Tree Of Innocence

This white-on-white innocence mood offers comfort with the luxury of simplicity. The fabrics are compact and clean or featherweight and open structured. Coloured neutrals are important.


Pure white.
Powdery veil or very slightly coloured.
Skin, pearl and porcelain tones.


Clean modern,sculptural, elegant origami pleats.
Broidery anglaise, laser cuttings and engraving. Folding dimensions.
Lots of knits. Smocking, crinkled or burn-out effects.
Mattelase, wool and felt.

Tree Of History

A mood that fl irts with both past and present and therefore never appears nostalgic. Feminine elegance opposite masculine boldness. A return to simplicity and timeless beauty. Fragile, delicate and refi ned structures. Heavy and vintage fabrics add a touch of drama. Dutch painters as a source of inspiration for fabrics and colours. Indigo blue for early American workwear infl uences.


All kinds of blue; black’n blue, uniform blue,
Chinese blue, turquoise, white and cream.
Bronze and golden aspects.


Art deco and cravat-inspired graphic patterns.
Refi ned open-worked materials, vintage lace.
Beautiful beads and buttons.
Boldly stated geometry, stripes and re-scaled traditional patterns in black and white.
Damask, velvets, satin, silk, fake fur.
Denim and chambray, Delfts blue.

Tree Of Miracle

This mood is an ode to nature. Animal skin, vegetable or mineral inspiration in a surrealistic jungle of giant plants, fl owers and foliage. Textures that imitate plant and rock surfaces or tangled branches. Colours are intense and focused on green.


A palette inspired by garden greens, organic, vegetable dyed or fresh.
Dry grass, eucalyptus, bush and foliage green. Coral as an accent colour.


Skins of all kinds in new relief and cloqué structures and materials.
Over-dyed, overprinted embroideries and patterns.
Neo-camoufl age prints, velvets, 3D-textures.
Washed cottons and radiant acid drops.

Tree Of Wisdom

This authentic story is clearly inspired by a handmade approach and a sustainable lifestyle. Hispanic and Mexican Folk traditions and rituals for beautiful motifs and patterns. Dusty colours mixed with brights. Eroded, weathered and handcrafted fabrics.


Earthy, faded and rugged, combined with bright and dense colours. Purples to reds and oranges.


Cracked open rough materials.
Floating yarns and threads in handcrafted fabrics. Cotton blends, linen, hemp, raffi a and bamboo mixes.
Classic geometry. Art deco and cravat-inspired graphic patterns. Faded deck-chair, mattress stripes.

Tree Of Dreams

A new positive, high-tech poetry is expressed in a futuristic spirit in home textiles. Science adopts a friendly face. Technology becomes fun. A clean functional look but with very luxurious materials. A play of transparency, water refl ections and lightweight


A dynamic pastel range; smoothie greens, turquoise blue, lila and salmon pink, combined with white and silver.


Technical silky surfaces, light and fi ne weaves. Layers of veils and chiffons, organza, taffeta, pearly laminates, burn-out jacquards, synthetic materials, sheeting fabrics, technical trims and fi nishes. Opaque yarns, glassy effects and water refl ections.

Tree Of Victory

This story is not about a revival, it’s about a revolution! Daring striking contrasts and combinations, stylishly considered rebellion. Classics made playful. New architecture and innovative materials. Plaids and tartans often multi-coloured. Digital vibrant graphics in explosive rainbow colours.


A kaleidoscopic explosion of intense, bright colours.


Super-synthetics from metallic shines to shiny plastics.
Surreal rainbows, transparent holograms multi-coloured blocks, optically perforated effects.
Technical fabrics, metallic laminates, glossy coatings.
Mesh and technical netting.

Source : http://www.uibtrendseminer.org/evteks-2009/index.php?sayfa=trend-kitabi