Evteks 2012 Trends

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“Life is like a kaleidoscope
it only takes a little twist
to change the complete perspective…”


In the layered and complex world of today, we find ourselves in a permanent window of endless possibilities. EVTEKS trends 2012 features a kaleidoscopic view on many elements of different lifestyles and cultures. Elements from a natural, bohemian and luxury living create endless combinations for a new way of hom decoration. A small change in perspective on life opens a whole new world of ideas and inspiration. Open up the kaleidoscope and enjoy the continually changing patterns, shapes and colours.

The trend themes for 2012 are a reflection of different lifestyles:

Living on creative edges in Twisted reality.
Traveling through time with Timeless treasures.
Silent but smart living in Transformed elements.


This rich mix of cultural elements combines old-fashioned elegance with a new worldly and cosmopolitan lifestyle. Old folk art, souvenirs and antique objects are collected and brought together in a flamboyant, fabulous and bohemian atmosphere.


Bold in both color combinations and patterns.A mix of warm & vibrant colors such as eggplant, burgundy, moss green, chocolate brown, cognac,camel and gold. Many colored textiles and wallpaper reflect the wealth of diverse cultures.


Traditional and classic patterns like paisley and art deco from the Orient and Eastern Europe. Expressive richness in fabric and pattern, gold shimmer and sparkling surfaces.Satin and chinz. Imitation leather & fur, multicolour tweed, kelim and embroidery. Layers, veils, mystique. Complex printing techniques are in play. Blends of cotton and linen. The drape of the fabric is central.


This mood is a perfect example of a multidimensional world. The effect is surprising but the ingredients are in fact simple and basic. It is all about mixing and matching modern and retro elements. This exciting and contemporary mood attracts opposites and features a smart combination of modern patterns, graphics, bold colours and bright contrasts.


A bright, energetic group of colours sit beside faded pastels and create a fresh ambience. Old school classics of pink,turquoise, paprika red, clear blue and a bright yellow are easy to combine with black and white.


Easy going, lightweight fabrics may feature different techniques such as coloured metallic’s, embroidery and bold 3D textures and patterns. Pleads and graphic relief work, structured and waffled surfaces. Heavier fabrics appear to be open, weaved, folded and plissé. Rhythmic retro graphics and repetitive patterns. Digital designs.


This is a story about our continued search for an existence, which attempts to blend urban and natural rural living. About making our existence on earth more connected and more real. Organic forms and patterns in rhythm with nature.


A palette inspired by nature, the earth and natural elements: sun bleached or muddy. Rusty orange, brick-red, mustard tones, algae greens and indigo and all kinds of blues.Soaked and saturated.


Textures look rusted, worn and weathered. Leather,suedes and twills look damaged and touched by time. Eroded oxidized materials, cracked surfaces, rough linen. Forms from the past such as fossils, minerals and polished rocks. Recover and re-interpetate Degrade and embossed prints. Bamboo, cork. Velt, wool, molding fabrics. Wood and honey comb structures and textures. Denim and chambray.

Source : http://www.uibtrendseminer.org/index.php?sayfa=trend-kitabi